Woman Makes Beautiful ‘Ofrenda’ With Dollar Store Supplies


Dia De Los Muertos follows the most well-known Halloween on the typical calendar, and we were sad to learn that there were many people who had never heard of this holiday!

This Mexican holiday, which features families welcoming the souls of their deceased loved ones, is a mix of community parties and private family gatherings. Individual households usually feature ofrendas, a place of offerings, or an altar, topped with pictures, candles, and all the things the lost family members once loved so dearly, such as sweets, fruit, small toys , and more !

So, how to honor this tradition and even bring your own touch to it, without breaking the bank? A TikTok creator has the solution for you!


MrsCraftsAlot (love the name, by the way), does exactly what her channel describes – she tinkers…a lot…One of the crafts she’s been focusing on lately is creating an ofrenda in her home, but she decided to play with a budget using mostly dollar tree items!

So first you will want to choose the space for your ofrenda. Remember that you are not only honoring the spirits of family members who have already passed away, you are also participating in the age-old tradition of a culture. That means you’ll want it somewhere safe and healthy that won’t get in the way but still be fairly visible.

For your decorations, use spray-painted trays, craft foam, and various decorations for extra paint. This designer also used fairy lights to give her a naturally warm look, which we love! For the skulls, you can just spray on cheap skulls and then use fabric paints or markers to create nice and beautiful designs! We recommend searching for sugar skulls on Pinterest or Google for inspiration.

And one of the things we love the most about what this designer has done is drizzle melted crayon wax over her candles to help give them a pop of vibrant color, tying the whole look together!


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