MONEYME launches ListReady direct to consumers to further empower sellers


SYDNEY, June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Digital lender and non-bank challenger MONEYME (ASX: MME) expands its List ready product with the aim of making sellers more responsible in a changing real estate market.

The popular payment solution for property listing and selling expenses will now be offered directly to property owners. australia 10.5 million homes.

Australian owners will be able to access up to $35,000 on request to spend on activities that will help maximize the sales potential of their property, with nothing to pay until the property is settled or for 6 months.

These activities may include marketing, advertising, photography and floor plans; repairs and renovations; landscaping and gardening; style and direction; building inspections; auction, conveyancing and attorney’s fees; accommodation during auctions; and more.

Since its launch in 2019, ListReady has been offered exclusively through MONEYME partners, some of which australia major real estate agencies.

By making the product available directly to consumers, MONEYME creates even more convenience, simplicity and flexibility for sellers who want to invest in the market value of their home without breaking the bank.

Clayton HowesFounder and CEO of MONEYME, said: “The real estate market was a hot topic during the recent federal election, following the busiest first quarter ever for the Australian residential auction market.

“The dream of home ownership is still very much alive in Australia, which requires sellers to be empowered on their side of the transaction. Buyers are much more likely to make one of the most important financial decisions of their lives if their new home is presented in the best possible light.

“By removing friction in the process of accessing credit for a range of important pre-sales and sales activities, such as marketing and home renovations, we help empower sellers in all types of market conditions. “

The demand for funds to prepare the property for sale is evidenced by an upward trend in spending by ListReady users, with the average amount of funds used being 25% higher in 2022 compared to 2021.

The most common uses for ListReady are to pay for marketing and advertising, renovations and repairs, and styling and staging. On average, these categories account for about three-quarters of total user spend on ListReady. The remaining quarter is spent on a wide variety of miscellaneous activities such as landscaping, transfer fees and even hotel costs at auction, highlighting the variety of activities that sellers undertake to prepare a property for sale .

Simple monthly fees with no hidden extras ensure cost transparency, while the 100% digital application process enables easier and faster approvals without sacrificing responsible lending, thanks to proprietary AI and innovative technology.

List ready is available to Australian residents aged 18 or over who own a property.


MONEYME is one of the leading FinTech disruptors on the way to becoming australia 1st supplier of non-bank credit.

With a focus on innovation, we fund ambitious Australians with cutting-edge speed and seamless, digital experiences.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology, we deliver personal, auto, and home loans and credit products that meet—and exceed—the expectations of the “now generation.”

MONEYME Limited is listed on the ASX and the group comprises licensed and regulated credit and financial services providers operating in Australia.


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