Making summer plans? These all-weather trips and activities are perfect for your next day


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Perfect for a last minute day trip to Ireland’s Ancient East…

Make this summer unforgettable whatever the weather and whatever your mood. Whether you want to soak up the sun and hit the beach or need an indoor activity for a rainy day, here are some awesome attractions right on your doorstep.

Beach days

There are few better places to be than in Ireland on a sunny day. And because these days seem rare, it is essential to make the most of them.

There are plenty of sandy beaches across Ireland, perfect for family picnics or a session on the sand with the gang.

One of our favorite beach breaks is Youghal in Cork, a stellar place to walk, swim and surf.

We also love the beaches along the Sunny South East. The coast from Waterford to Wexford – essentially the Irish Riviera – enjoys 300 more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in the country. The beaches here hop when the temperatures soar.

Whatever type of beach day you dream of, wild or mild, check out coastal radar for your nearest Blue Flag beach.

wild days

Do you feel wild? Get back to nature and enjoy some of Ireland’s wonderful wildlife experiences.

Go all David Attenborough in Fota Animal Park and admire animals from around the world, many of which are free-roaming. Kangaroos hop right in front of you, cheeky monkeys swing overhead, and entertaining Humboldt penguins put on quite a show.

If reptiles are turning your world upside down, the National Reptile Zoo in Kilkenny is a wonderful place where you can get up close to crocodiles, learn about lizards and stroke a snake (not an understatement!). You can keep your distance and see the slippery creatures behind the glass or get up close during animal encounter sessions. How brave will you be?

Alpaca hike with Alpacas K2 in beautiful Wicklow is a truly unique, memorable and uplifting experience. Spending time with these cute and inquisitive camelids with their floppy tufts and shy smiles is guaranteed to lift your spirits and knock that frown down. The hike ends with a glass of Prosecco—for you, not the alpaca—and a selfie or two with your fluffy new friend.

rainy days

When the summer showers hit, don’t forget the day off. Book an activity for rainy days and don’t let the inclement weather dampen anyone’s spirits.

If you’ve always wanted to try pottery, a DIY workshop with Florence & Milly is a huge pleasure. Go with your partner and recreate the famous scene from Ghost or go with your friends and have fun getting your hands dirty and getting lost in creativity for an afternoon. Creating a nice piece of clay to keep at the end is a bonus. You would pay big bucks for those on Etsy, boyo.

Another great and tasty activity for rainy days is a workshop with Ireland’s Chocolate Garden at Tulow. You will discover the joys of chocolate making during this delicious day. You won’t just watch the talented performers in action; you’ll roll up your sleeves and make and decorate a unique chocolate product yourself to take home.

The Robert Boyle Escape Room is a stimulating and exciting experience at the Lismore Heritage Centre. By solving puzzles, can you find the mysterious ingredient that can turn base metals into gold and give humans the gift of immortality? You and your teammates only have 60 minutes to try and do it before you get caught quickly!

So what are you waiting for? Summer is the perfect time to experience Ireland’s Ancient East.

The Leave No Trace principles help us have the least possible impact on the incredible Irish landscape as we explore the outdoors this summer and beyond. Keep outdoor areas safe, clean, and free of litter/hazards, and help protect the natural environment. I love this place, leave no trace. Start your discovery at

Presented by Discover Ireland


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