Hugh Jackman pulls out of ‘Music Man’ due to COVID-19 contraction


After contracting COVID-19 for the second time, famed actor Hugh Jackman had to abstain from performing on ‘The Music Man’ through the next week.

The Australian star, 53, posted a video message to his Twitter page on Monday evening. The news broke a day after the ‘X-Men’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’ actor performed at the Tony Awards.

“I wanted you to hear from me first that unfortunately this morning I frustratingly tested positive for COVID again,” said Jackman, who plays con artist Harold Hill in the musical revival.

This image released by O&M Co./DKC shows Hugh Jackman, left foreground, and Sutton Foster with the cast during a production of ‘The Music Man’ in New York City, US (AP)

“So my amazing Max Clayton watch is going to continue for me. Max and I have been working on this show together for over two years…I can tell you from being in the room with him and from experience, he’s absolutely amazing so I I’m just frustrated that I can’t see him and cheer him on.”

The production, presented at the Winter Garden Theater in New York, canceled performances last December after Jackman contracted the virus.

“It’s another reminder for me…that the real heroes of Broadway are our vigils, our stunt doubles and our swings and never has that been more evident than last year,” Jackman said.

Hugh Jackman performs during the 75th annual Tony Awards in New York, U.S., June 12, 2022. (REUTERS)

Hugh Jackman performs during the 75th annual Tony Awards in New York, U.S., June 12, 2022. (REUTERS)

“They give meaning to the phrase ‘The show must go on’ and it’s going to go on and it’s going to be amazing.”

Jackman said he would be back as soon as possible. A post on the production’s Twitter page announced that he would be returning on June 22.

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