How to Build Confidence in Just 3 Easy Steps


Megan Bliss, FNP-C, Founder of Live Bliss Health has a 3-step method to improving confidence. Many women walk into a room and are worried about what someone is thinking. Megan has tips for skyrocketing confidence.

Step 1: Focus on the positives and be thorough about them!

The first step is to write down a list of necessary HABITS that will propel women forward.

• Exercise: exercise habits are not easy, but they are effective; at first it is common to focus on the fact that it is hated! Change that to focus on increasing weights – it HELPS!

• Productivity: Working women have more self-confidence. Stay-at-home moms tend to lose confidence. Instead, it’s important to find something to invest productive energy into on a day-to-day basis – whether it’s a garden, a PTA, or some other household project.

• Relationships: Many times we tend to lock ourselves into all the things that are wrong with love relationships, friendships, family, INSTEAD – focus on what is right in those areas!

Step 2: pretend until you make it

It has two sides – there is a GREAT side and a NOT so great side!

Megan shares the top 2 mistakes and how to avoid them:

• Women shouldn’t pretend the problems don’t exist – this can have a rebound effect on self-esteem and cause it to drop further.

• Avoid generalizations – ie, when a good attempt has been made and negative feedback is received, it can feel like all the hard work is for naught – REALITY CHECK – Writing down these thoughts can really put into perspective just how ridiculous this way of thinking is!

Step 3: Positive Affirmations Don’t Work – Here’s What Works

The common thought is to have 10 sentences written down and repeated daily. Why is this not working? Because the inner narrative was stepping in and whispering – “You’re kidding yourself.” or “LIAR!”

Megan asks clients to rewrite the inner narrative and stories. In place-

• Choose 3 statements in the areas above

• Set a reminder in the calendar to review affirmations monthly to see if they are still relevant or if progress has been made.

• Change the tone from “I am” to “I want” and see if that helps to feel more authentic.

• Stop filming out of perfectionism and go back to step 1 instead

Here’s the deal, the scriptures say, “Faith without works is dead.” OR “Fail to plan, you plan to fail!” Confidence doesn’t happen overnight and is definitely a trait that can be developed over time and intentional action.

What is the most important step? There is only one thing left: to take action. Find out more at

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