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BURLINGTON – Gardener’s Supply Company, founded on the principle that gardens change lives, addresses the widespread need for more gardens by donating $ 50,000 in cash and products to nonprofits working to end hunger and promote mental wellness through community gardening programs.

In 2020, food banks saw a 60% increase in customer numbers and an additional 17 million Americans became food insecure, according to Feeding America. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has also had a severe impact on the mental health of individuals.

In response, Gardener’s Supply launched its Harvest Hope program to help create more gardens – which provide healthy and nourishing food, cultivate community, and promote relaxation and peace of mind.

On Wednesday, Gardener’s Supply employees will deliver “grow bags” filled with flowers, parsley and tomato plants to the Milton Family Community Center, Colchester Food Shelf, and Georgia Food Shelf.

“We want to spread the joys and rewards of gardening,” said Susan Elliot, spokesperson for Gardener’s Supply. “We believe gardens change lives.”

Visitors to the food departments can take the bags home to create their own garden.

Creating more gardens, however, is only part of the puzzle. Getting people into these gardens and giving them confidence as gardeners is another. Gardener’s Supply is therefore delighted to partner with organizations that make gardening, gardening education, and fresh, healthy food available through school programs, community gardens and food banks.

Harvest Hope beneficiaries are located in communities directly served by Gardener’s Supply, including Burlington, Williston and Milton, VT; Lebanon, NH; and Hadley, MA – and the company’s sister city of Austin, TX.

Austin was named as a sister city because of the strong commercial ties Gardener’s Supply has with the community, it is the primary location for new product photoshoots and is home to a number of organizations that work in accordance with the mission. of the Gardener’s Supply Company.

Other beneficiaries of the Harvest Hope initiative include fBurlington’s Intervale Center,, Ample Harvest, American Community Gardening Association, Vermont Community Gardening Network, Mental Health America, Howard Center and various food banks in Williston, Jericho. , Underhill, Lebanon, NH and Hadley, MA.

Gardener’s Supply hopes to amplify the impact of Harvest Hope by inspiring and engaging customers and supporters to donate or volunteer with campaign partners or similar organizations in their own communities.


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