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The adventure is outside!

While Negros Oriental is on its way to becoming one of the best diving destinations in the world, the province located in the Central Visayas has even more to offer on land. If you are visiting Negros Oriental soon and are in the mood for a great outdoor adventure, these five attractions should be on your bucket list. From exploring nature and wildlife sanctuaries to a thrilling palm frond ride, these activities are sure to make your stay at Negros Oriental one to remember.

Mangrove site and estuary

Discover its natural gems

In Brgy. Caranoche in Santa Catalina is an ecotourism spot that is home to the province’s lush bakhawan or mangrove. The site and the mangrove estuary are the link between the land and the sea and the tropical forest which is home to different terrestrial organisms, birds, crustaceans and other offshore fish. Earlier this year, he unveiled a six-story observation deck tower, a 750-meter-long boardwalk and a suspension bridge perfect for nature walks or birdwatching.

Facebook: Sidlak Santa Catalina | 0975 682 0719 / 0935 990 0884 / 0927 577 3420

Wild Monkey Sanctuary

Mingle with the monkeys

Troops of monkeys run free in a sanctuary located in Brgy. Obat in Santa Catalina. The Wildlife Monkey Sanctuary is a 300-hectare area that is home to long-tailed macaque monkeys. There tourists can interact with the primates and even feed them, of course with the help of the reserve keepers.

Facebook: Visit Negros Oriental | 0975 682 0719 / 0935 990 0884 / 0927 577 3420

Walk in Palwa

Feel the thrill of palwa ride

Something a little extreme awaits you at Santabucks Eco Adventure Park. This amusement park along the Tanjay-Pamplona Highway in Santa Catalina features a lush botanical garden, manicured picnic spots, a giant swing, and two spider webs made from ropes. But its main asset is its palwa ride. This attraction is the first of its kind in the province as it is made from palm fronds. Entrance to the park costs 100 pesos for adults and 50 pesos for children, while the palwa ride costs 50 pesos.

Facebook: Santabucks Eco Adventure Park | 0917 713 2793

Swimming at Twin Falls

Dive into the cool waters of Twin Falls or Pulangbato Falls in Brgy. Malabo to Valencia, Negros Oriental. One of the falls features a blue lagoon suitable for swimming while the other sits on majestic rock formations with sulfur deposits, giving the stones a reddish or orange appearance, hence its name. Entrance fee costs P100.

Facebook: Pulangbato Falls Mountain Resort in Valencia, Negros Oriental | 0956 945 0262

sulfur mountain

Take a selfie at Sulfur Mountain

Just outside Pulangbato Falls is Sulfur Mountain. This land formation constantly emits steam due to the high temperature of Mount Talinit. You might want to hold your breath for a moment while you take your selfie as the steam smells like rotten eggs due to the sulfur present in the area.

Location: Valencia, Negros Oriental.

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